Prairie Restoration

Exciting news!! Supervisor Bonnie Kahn Ognisanti applied for and was awarded a $13,000 grant to restore an unutilized, unsightly field into a beautiful, native, woodland and prairie garden. The grant will help pay to remove and grind down invasive non-native buckthorn and mulberry trees and help to cover the cost of new native trees, shrubs and perennial plants; as well as the cost of signage that will educate our residents about the importance of planting native perennials to attract bees and butterflies to our landscapes and to help naturally control erosion and over-flooding.

This new and improved, beautiful landscape will be open to the community to enjoy.

The Township is in need of volunteers on May 18th, from 10 am - 12 pm to help remove invasive plants throughout the area before planting, spread wood chips to prevent invasive seeds from resprouting, and to plant native species that our ecosystem depends on to thrive. No previous knowledge is necessary. Please bring gloves, a shovel, a strong back, and your kick-butt/can-do energy. We can make our community better together!

Celebrate Earth month after April through policy and action! Every little bit of help removing invasive plants will allow us to stretch this grant so that the bulk of the money can be spent on plants and signage. This is a great, green action project to help make Earth Day every day! Please help us get a head count by RSVPing via this quick form: