Skokie Swifters Run/Walk Club

The Fourth Annual End of the Dumpster Fire Year/So Long 2023 20-ish Miler

In 2020, Sabrina decided to run the entirety of the North Branch Trail (~20 miles) on New Year's Eve as a way to say SO LONG to the ridiculous year that was, and friends came along to support. She did it again last year, and even more people came out; thus, a tradition has been born! It's our way of saying so long to a really bizarro year - again!  Please join us for what we hope will be the biggest turnout yet!

On Sunday, December 31, Captain Swifter & Co will be running the entirety of the North Branch Trail of the Cook County Forest Preserves system--20.3 miles in total! Many folks will be hopping on the trail for a few miles along the way, and others will be coming just to cheer. Whatever your involvement, please let us know if you'd like to come on out!

This is an altogether run - meaning it's not a race and it's not meant to be fast. This is a let's-enjoy-each-other's-company-and-be-grateful-that-we-GET-to-run run 🙂

The Specifics

It starts in Chicago near the corner of Foster Avenue and Kostner Avenue, and finishes in Winnetka near Tower Road and I-94, with one loop around the Skokie Lagoons. If you take a look at the map, you'll see it's the entirety of the paved Red Trail plus the paved Black Trail.

North Branch Trail Map

We would love to see you at some point; please let us know if you might make it out and/or if you want to help with drinks and snacks!

Pictures of PasT Years